Installing DWA and integration with RELM

December 15, 2014

For some customer, Installing Doors Web Access (DWA) is not very easy. Integrating DWA and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Management (RELM) through Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) is more difficult. Reasons for that is customer have to know some configurations point like servers, licences server, ports, xml knowledge, broker and some other feature. Now, on the help contents of RELM and DWA , the different points and check point are clearly established. Through the following video, you will see, after the introduction on a self made wizard the list of files and commands needed for installing DWA and RELM.


Advices for SSE and RELM usage (setup or using)

June 23, 2014

In the previous week, I noticed that during the installation of SSE and RELM, in most case, after the setup, some unexpected errors occurs.
All steps are done well, but at the end something went wrong. Either the screen “loading” appears and nothing happens, or during the setup, at a point something must come but nothing happens.

In most case, for solving, I asked 2 questions:

Which Browser are you using?
and have you enable the “Popup” windows?
In general, some answers are Firefox, Chrome, IE for the 1st one and for the second one is simply “No”, why?

My recommendation is to use the firefox ESR branch and ensure that the “popup” window is not blocked.

Tutorial of installation and setup of System and Software Engineering and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Management 4.0.5

June 16, 2014

See the whole tutorial at my own channel:

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:00 Context Presentation of next videos

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:01 Installation of Rational Licence Key Server

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:02 Installation of System and software Engineering 405

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:03 Installation of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 405

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:04 Starting the Server SSE and RELM 405

  • Tutorial SSE-RELM:05 Checkpoint before starting server Setup


RELM at Innovate 2014

June 10, 2014

Last week, Andreas Keis (from Airbus group) and me have presented the following Case study: Using IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager to Accelerate System Changes

During the presentation the linked video were presented.


RELM and Crystal in Video

May 16, 2014

During the last 6 monts, we leverage RELM and the SSE applications tools for helping the design and choice a solution for the De-icing system on aircraft.

Please see the content in this video:


Delivering RELM ans SSE workshop in Israel

February 6, 2014

Last week, I went to Israel with local team at customer site.

This was the first time I went to this country and It was very different from what I’ve expected. This is, let say, like an european country with nice road, nice people and nice customer too. I don’t see any police control or something like that. Sure, accessing the customer site was very safety and secure. Also a very big difference between arriving in Israel (normal custom control) and when leaving the country (at least 5 custom control) before joining the boarding room. 2h30 before flight is not so much when controls take nearly 1,5 hour.

Now, get back to RELM. During this workshop, we have planned to demonstrate the SSE solution (SSE stand for System and Software Engineering) with all the different rational application (RTC, RDM, DNG, RQM) and RELM. We have successfully demonstrate the whole scenario. During this scenario, we cover Chage Request, Impact Analysis, Identify Requirement to change and Model Element to update. Then the associated Test Case via the reconcile mechanism (between RQM and Doors), and then in Doors get the latest result.

After that we presents the RELM/RTC integration with the different feature of this integration (From RTC to RELM, modification in RELM, then send to RTC and finally the variability aspects.

This was for the second day. The first day, the local team, customer and me synchronize the different env in order to be aligned after the workshop. All was nearly running fine as part of some minor problem (like certificate expiration on my machine).
The 3rd day, I present the Doors Next Generation features. Then we had 2 remote session with VVC for DNG and after lunch, RDM and integration between RDM and DNG. We finally close the day with planning the 4th day.

After that, we made a short visit in the town of Akko .

The last day, in a running installation, we finish to configure the environnment with the AMR sample data in RDM, then create the corresponding Lifecycle projects in different application with this models. The main benefit of creating a lifecycle project is that all relation between application are made automatically. In a second step, we manage in LQE the different data source, and for each application, we tested the queries. In a 3rd step, I validate the RELM/RTC integration.

For each application, we managed to set new link to some other applications artifacts.

All of the different step, here explained (from the last day) will be illustrated in some future video.


Building RELM Contents (view) for CRYSTAL project

December 2, 2013

Last week, I visited for the second time a customer in Germany for helping them to set and build the environment to
reflect the Use case for on of the project that will be presented in one of the session of the “ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-Summit” meeting.

This was very interesting to build such environment as customers, as part of having “views”, wants also to navigate easily from one view to another by clicking of specific items. I will make some screenshot after this meeting.